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Hu'Z lUvIn Hu?

Herez abowt sum of mi luvli m8z!

Jodie- Shes luvli alwayz der wen ya need sum1 2 talk 2 and is alwayz up 4 a laugh!

Katie- Shez gr8 alwayz der and can be very sarcastic

Lauz- Shez nyce, knowz how 2 chear ya up n makez me lauf

Steph- Shes luvli and makez me lauf

Saffron- shes very bubly adn is alwayz messin about n laufin

Matt- hez luvli and is girlcrazed he goes abit over the tp wen he fancies peopl

Ally- he can be really ncye but wen hes horrible he can really be annoyin!

chris- hez ok but can be really agresive! and stressy lolz

Ryan- hes luvli...finkz of him self as a ladeez man lolz bless him

Barry - barryz funni and can be nyce but sumtymes he can be anoyin

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