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CoNt@cT mE!!
My GiRLieZ!!
Luvin Pink!!!
My GiRLieZ!!

You herd... FUK OFF IF YAZ HATAZ!!! GO ON...NOW!!!

good... datz dem gone...y wud ne1 h8 us anyway? *angel*

Katie- Love her 2 bitz!! shes a gr8 laugh....(laught at) hehe nah shes lovly makes me laugh...'whatz a sandwich bag'...u can tell shes blonde! Lolz nah jokez shes luvli!!'hmm sumin fell outa da sky...first it was black den it was white..now itz gone!!!'

Jodie- Shes gorg! alwayz up 4 a laugh! me n her bin threw so much hehe 'pik me pik me pik me!!!' hehe 'xcuse me but weve just got home from a detention and were ment 2 get a bus home but weve lost our money:( if its possible can we borrow a pound 2 get home plz *innocent smile*' hehe...heres ya shoe! lolz

Steph- Shes lovli, mi lil walkin m8 lolz me n her treked fukin everywhere lolz tierd us owt! lolz ' hey chek dat guy owt! omg luv himself...keepz lukin at him self!' lolz

Lauz- Mi lil munchkin!! hehe luv her 2 bitz shes mi lil babe!

Cant be botherd 2 ryte any more lolz! write more ppl in l8rz!!

hehe luv yaz all!!

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