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26 Thingz Guyz Shud N Shunt do!
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26 Thingz Guyz Shud N Shunt do!

HeHe boyz read n learn!

Top 26 Things Guys Should Do:

1) Never Try And Be A Player Cause You WILL Get Caught!

2) Always Tell The Truth- The Truth Will Set You Free

3) Love Is Not Like PlayStation 2, You Cant Just Turn It On Or Off When You Want To.

4) Admit What You Think And Feel About Us- It Makes Everything Easier On Everyone

5) Only Say You Love Us If You Really Mean It

6) You Want Us To Stay True To You And Only Be Your Girl- Stay True To Us And Only Be Our Guy

7) If You Dont Wanna Be Called A Dog- Dont Act Like One

8) Treat Us Like The Princesses We Are- In Other Words Treat Us With Total Respect Cause If You Respect Us, We Respect You

9) Take Care of Our Hearts Like You Want Us To Take Care Of Yours

10) Love Isnt Underwear, And Girls Arent Boxers Or Briefs- You Cant Decided You Dont Like What You Have On And Wanna Change Us, You Love Us Stick With Us Dont Go To Something New

11) Were Not Toys, Dont Play With Us- Were Queens, Bow Down Befor Us

12) The Word Love Doesnt Get Old As Long As You Mean It- You Love Us Tell Us, Girls Like To Feel Loved And Hear That Kinda Stuff As Long As What Your Saying Is True

13) Pain May Be Love- But Love Isnt Made To Be All Pain

14) Life Sucks And You Know It So If Somethings Going Wrong In Our Lives And Were Upset Be There For Us And Comfort Us

15) Sex Is Good, Sex Is Great- Love Me And Wait For Me, Love Means Sex Will Never Be To Late

16) Theres More To Realtionships Than Getting Action- We Want Something Deeper, Dont Just Physically Stimulate Us, Do It Mentally As Well

17) Never Lie When You Can Tell The Truth- And You Can ALWAYS Tell The Truth

18) Trust Is Earned- And Once You Break It It Will Cost A Hell Of Alot Of Work To Get It Back

19) You Cant Dump Us And Get Back With Us And Repeat This Process- You Love Us And Wanna Be With Us Dont Dump Us Cause One Day You Wont Be Able To Pick Us Back Up

20) Treat Us- We Dont Always Want Dimond Rings Give Us Back Massages And Make Us Milkshakes. Its The Little Things That Count

21) Just Cause Were Grumpy Doesnt Mean Its That Time Of The Month- Say That And Get Hit. Its Just Immature To Think That

22) You Wanna Be A Man- Act Like A Man, Dont Pout Over Stupid Things

23) Apologize When You Screw Up

24) Treat Our Friends Well- You Treat Our Girls Well, Well Treat Your Guys Well

25) A Kiss At The Right Moment Can Say A Thousand Words- A Grope At The Wrong Moment Will Get You Hit, Learn When And Where Things Are Ok And Not Ok

26) Hug Us, Kiss Us, Love Us, Cuddle With Us- Were Chicks We Like To Feel Loved And Pertected. Show Us You Care!

Top 26 Things Guys Shouldnt Do:

1) Dont Tell You Friends How Far Weve Gone And How Good Or Bad It Was- And Dont Lie About It Either, That Stuffs Our Buisness No One Elses

2) Dont Let Your Eyes Wonder- If Were Your Girl Theres No Reason To Be Looking At Something Else, You Should Be Looking At Us

3) Dont Get Your Friend To Apologize For You When You Screw Up- You Made The Mess You Fix It

4) Dont Make A Promise And Not Keep It- If You Make A Promise Keep It

5) Warning: Break Our Hearts- We Break Your Face

6) You Dump Us Or We Dump You And You Wanna Give "Us" Another Chance- Dont Wait To Long Cause If You Do When You Come Well Be Gone

7) No Matter How Big Or Bad Of A Fight We Get Into And No Matter What Is Said, Dont Just Hang Up, Sign Off Or Walk Away- That Only Makes Us Worry And Get Mad And Just Makes Things Worse. Always Always Say Good Bye.

8) Dont Think Our Love Is Like MSN Or AIM You Cant Just Log Off Or Block Me If You Dont Wanna Talk To Me Or See Me No More, If You Love Me Doing Thats Not Possible

9) You Love Us Prove It, Just Cause We Love You Dont Abuse It- So We Cant Help But Love You Thats Fine But Dont Give Us Reasons To Hate Loving You

10) NEVER Hit Us Ever-You Abuse Is You Lose Us

11) If You Love Me And Care About Me DONT Hurt Me And Make Me Cry- Whipe My Tears And Make Me Smile

12) Dont Say Things Like I Hate You To Us- Cause That Hurts And You Cant Take That Back

13) Dont Think Your Not A Man If You Say What You Feel For Us Or About Us- Real Men Can Say What They Feel And Think And Even Cry. Boys Cant

14) Dont Say You Love Me And Than Leave Me- Thats What Assholes Do

15) Dont Pretend There No Problems- If Somethings Wrong Say So So We Can Work It Out And Fix It

16) Dont Date Our Friends

17) If Your Gonna Call Us A Bitch Just Dont- Cause Well Turn It Into A Positive Or Youll Go To The Dog House, Either Or Its Not What You Want

18) Dont Be Shy-You Like Us Tell Us, You Love Us Tell Us, You Wanna Be With Us, Tell Us, Want Me To Be Your Girl? Ask Me To Be Your Girl. We Cant Read Minds, So Tell Us So We Know Whats Going On

19) Dont Hold Off On Telling Us Something Until Tommrrow- Cause You Never Know If Tommrrow Will Come

20) Dont Stand Us Up- You Say Youll Be Some Where Be There Who Cares If The Boys Wanna Do Something You Told Us Youll Be There BE THERE

21) Dont Say What You Dont Mean- Honesty Is Caring And Caring Is What Makes A Difference

22) If We Break Up, Dont Be Immature Make It So We Can Still Be Friends- If We Really Cared About Each Other Wed Still Be Friends

22) Dont Make It That We Have To Be The Ones To Call, Come See You Email Or Message You- It Goes Both Ways You Can Start A Convo To, We Shouldnt Do It All The Time, You Should Initate Convos To. It Makes Us Feel Wanted

23) Dont Be A Asshole I Wont Be A Bitch- To Wrongs Dont Make A Right, So Lets Just Get Along

24) You Dont Have To By Me Presents, You Cant By My Love- You Have To Earn It And I Dont Want Presents I Want You

25) Dont Get Us To Love You And Not Love Us Back

26) Dont Cheat On Me If You Want My Love

27) Dont Say You Love Us And Be With Another Girl- That Doesnt Make Sense How Can You Love Us But Be With Someone Else

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