~*MS T*~...1% GhT


26 Thingz Guyz Shud N Shunt do!
Funkie Logo'z!!
Kute lil Pikz
More Logoz!
More Logoz!!!!
More Kute Ickle Pikz!
M$N N@M$!
Hata Quotez!
Kute lil PikZ

aaaawwww dese pizk are so kkkuuteeee!!!!

Awwww Bless Ickle Bearz!!!
Someone loves you very much..
Ive Caught YOur Love!
Im Here 4 you wen your ill!

 i love you wid all mi heart!

 +me to you+

Ill just call...even if its just to say hello..

Ill play you the sweetest songs..

Ill send you letters and give you gifts..

Ill chear you up when your down..you knwo ill always be around..

Ill Give you all Mi heart..


i hope we never grow appart..


Call me whenever you need help

We hold the same heart


ill Always be there at your birthday

You are so sweet..


i write you valentines cardz..


I do and say all this...becasue i love you!







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