~*MS T*~...1% GhT


26 Thingz Guyz Shud N Shunt do!
Funkie Logo'z!!
Kute lil Pikz
More Logoz!
More Logoz!!!!
More Kute Ickle Pikz!
M$N N@M$!
Hata Quotez!
M$N N@M$!

Herez sum kool msn namez!


sexy, sweet, hard to beat pretty kewl rule this school knock um dead with ure looks were popular and got them hooked

(L)::::sexy,sweet, hard to beat, pretty kewl, we rule this skool, we knock um dead, us mereway gyalz ave got u hooked wid our lukz!::::(L)

StRuTiN OuR StUff ShAkIn OuR BoOtYiEz,Me n My GiRlZ,R LiL CuTiEz

(R).*StRuTiN OuR StUff ShAkIn OuR BoOtYiEz,Me n De MeReWaY GiRlZ,R LiL CuTiEz!!*.(R)

(*)m Rk WtH Mꤻ(*)(L)`..DG V`.. (L) (K)~*F*L*I*R*T*~(K)*Pl@~*


(8)~:D :O C' uch Di :O :D~(8)

(R).* M裏 gh*.(R)

(L)-- HRY-DV|L -- (L)

-B@d G|Rl-

(R) BrIG_iT_o (R)



(*) * $ hOoT|nG $ T@R* (*)

(K)I'm s gd t x rm m w

*.B , B Ch, h
w wu b b whu


(A)*Thy VR sUsPcT +H iNncN+ N*(A)


(*) 1% GhT (*)




*~Kg-F Kﱱ~*

(k) ~ Bb! hk h ⧧~

^Gݧ g! v|2 gۮ H
W !^


EvErYtHiNg wEnT fRoM wRoNg To RiGhT aNd ThE sTaRS cAmE uP FiLlEd AlL tHe SkY

tHe MuSiC u WeRe PlAyIn rEAlLy BlEw My MiNd It wAs LoVe @ FiRsT sIgHt

CheCkIn yEr ReFlEcTiOn AnD tElLiN yA bEsT fRiEnD*LiKE gUrL i ThInK mY bUtT gEtTiN bIg

WhY do gOoD gUrLs LiKe bAd BoYs

it's bad when heaven doesn't want me,but hell is afraid i'll take ova

*`*`t o bght th ky lz gv th wh


``'"`._. k m ݧ

. .*..*. .*
.. *. .*. ...

A peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, a kiss ain't no kiss.without some tongue

I love my sportz...I love my toyz.....but most of all...I LOVE MY BOYZ!!

Don't buy expensive 'ribbed' condoms, just buy an ordinary one and slip a handful of frozen peas inside it before you put
it on

An empty aluminium cigar tube filled with angry wasps makes an inexpensive vibrator

(*)::sex is good, sex is fyne,dogystyle or 69, just for fun or gettin paid,. every1 lykes geetin laid!!::(*)

Children in the dark cause accidents, accidents in the dark cause children

smoke a smoke not a butt F.U.C.K a virgin not a slut
conserve water shower with a friend!!

It Takes Two to lie, One to lie , and one to listen!!!!!!

(L)I lUv HiM yEz I dO, hEz FoR mE aN nOt FoR U, AnD iF bY cHaNcE U tAkE mY pLaCe, I'lL tAkE mY fIsT aN sMaSh YeR fAcE:@

stoners live and stoners die but in the end we all get high so if at first u dont succed then fuck the world and smoke sum

You never die a virgin, coz in the end life fuckz us all

(*)frends are like stars you cant always see them but you always know theyre there(*)

im a bitch n i have class mess wit me n ill kick ur ass

Wanna come back to my house and do some Maths? You can subtract your clothes,
divide your legs and we'll multiply

sex drugs rock & roll, speed weed birth controll, lifes a bitch n so am i, so
fuck da world, lets get high

(6)If YoUr NaUgHtY gO tO YoUr RoOm, If Ya WaNt To Be NaUgHtY cOmE To MiNe(6)

LeT mE sIt On Ur LaP..wE cUd TlK bOuT tHe FiRsT tHiNg tHaT pOpS uP??

I like boys, boys like toys, toys are fun, so come here hun
(6)see my devil horns,made of brass,mess with me and i'll kick ur ass(6)


:(8)M L(L)v 'T $ ThG(8):

* GuL GuL *

-- Gﮣ--

*$*$ i have a black belt in shopping!$*$*

.:**:.l3[]_E Yʧ.:**:.

-guys act like k make ^ 4 the z they they DOnT have-

(*)^~*k k m q*~^(*)

.:*DrIvE It LIkE U StOLE It*:.


*. .S*..H*. .O* ..R*..T*..Y*.


(L) LV PT # 9 (L)


*..`MISS(a)INNOCENT`. .*

whn I ed t the evi dinking...I tPPed eding!





(*)Get Yo' Freak On(*)

It took me all day to think of this screen name.

~(*)WhY gO tO hIgHsChoOl wHeN yOu cAn gO To sChOoL hIgH(*~

m ߣ wt r xs



iNgLe N lOoKi!!!!


. .Ф. .E*..V*. .* .. *. .

*!~(u)*!* s *!*(u)~!


(`'. GV M BTtFLZ.')

.:*(K)M ŧ*:.

M b Ht, bT 'M n FR

xCan I Have Ur Picture So I Can Show Santa What I WantFor *CHRISTMAS?*x

(L)LK t LK t t U KW U t


(8)JuSt A DrEaM, JuSt An OrDiNaRy DrEaM...(8)


(*)-ߥ G-(*)


**..I (L) [BF's/Guy's Name]`..**

(K)I wAnnA bE yOUr chIck...I wAnnA bE dOwn 4 U(K)



|'m @ B|tCh..& Y0Ur jUs' p|sSeD cUz |'m N0T 'Y0Ur' B|TcH!


(k)NumbA OnE FlirT(k)

P L - v - H G L

2 hOtT 4 U

(*) 1 & ONLY (*)




*'(':.׻hYpEr ChIcK.:')'*



(K)i (L) cAnDy!!!!(K)



sToNeRz LiVe & sToNeRz DiE bUt If @ FiRsT u DoNtSuCeEd, Fu*k Da WoRlD n SmOkE sUm WeEd

(L)-SuM pPL wAiT A LiFeTimE 4 a MoMenT LiKe tHiS-(L)

(`)x u(`)

;) I tAstE jUs LikE .CaNdY. ;)

(u) v (l)

(K)(L)(F)RX FX gȣ(L)(K)(F)



$(K)LINGIN' ߥ(K)$

HaTe Me CuZ u HaTe Me NoT bEcUz U aIn'T Me!

ti mk ft, ߵt ft, wh t?

(*)m T m T Σ m G(A) WTz G fۧ?(*)

Trbl Mkr

~m h, m QT, m G(A) g, m d m s, m V(6)

)(*)<ܮB G>(*)(

(*)Be mY brIght and shInIng StArr(*)


(`'.(`'.Ghetto B00ty.').')

L mt S TtR Th tRL tT



(K)~Cnd Tsts Gd But Mh Ksss r Btth!!!~(K)

~ݤ ~.

*F X *B-A-B-E*

._. HoTT LyKe FiRe `._.

~;)~trtt r tff, hki r bt m d m gurl r pr tꧤ~;)~


TDY wz ttl WSt F mk-ޤ

Q.T. wt t

. .H*..O*. .T* .. T*. .I*. .E*. .

Xo*X'z and O'z**I got diamonds on my toes**Diz little cutie**has fashionable clothez*oX

--sK8r BoIz R yUmMi--

(U)(A)*iF i HaD a FaCe LiKe YoU i'D sUe My PaReNtS*(A)(U)

(*)Im x, Im t, Im ppl to boot(*)

*??*WhY'd Ya HaVe 2 gO n MaKe ThInGz sO cOmPLiCaTeD*??*

(x) MgLL (f) L (x)

;)* rz*;)



LoVeR gUrL


.:(k)DowN AsS ChicK(k):.

~(*)GliTTer |3iTcH(*)~

~!:$!! L d HK !!:$!~

*(U)LoNeLy AnGeL(U)*

`-`Lv M rThLSs`-`


-X-NaUgHtY By NaTuRe...NoT cUz I hAtE yA!-X-

(k)SeXsi LiKe PePsi(k)

-::-.:**:(*)Preppy Superstar(*):**:.-::-


-*-LegaLLy BruneTTe-*-

.~.'` -- Gﮣ-- '`.װ~

~~hEs FoR Me *N* NoT FoR YoU..sO StAy YoUr AzZ AwAy FroM My BaYbEe bOo!~~


(K)ؤHugs ie(K)



-::-.:**:(*)Preppy Superstar(*):**:.-::-


-*-LegaLLy BruneTTe-*-

.~.'` -- Gﮣ-- '`.װ~

~~hEs FoR Me *N* NoT FoR YoU..sO StAy YoUr AzZ AwAy FroM My BaYbEe bOo!~~


(K)ؤHugs ie(K)



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