~*MS T*~...1% GhT


Funkie Logo'z!!
Funkie lil Logoz!
More Logoz!
More Logoz!!!!
More Kute Ickle Pikz!
M$N N@M$!
Hata Quotez!
Pikz of Sum of mi m8z!!!!

I ent got many but ill get sum more!!!!

Derz Chris wid his new hair cut hehe dnt he luk cute lolz


Heres a pik of ma m8z!


Eyaz a pik Of Chris

This is anouther pik of chris wid his best bud Burley!


Herez Chris and Dan, before a nyte on da town! lolz hehe jokez!

Derz a pik of Megan an Chris!

Derz Burley Lukin a bit weird!

Herez a pikie of Megan..Don't she luk happy! lolz

Eyaz a pik of Becky.W! lil poser hehe nah shes gorg!


Eyaz a nuva 1 of her! Shes luvli!


Dis is Michael ent he luvli!
luv yaz hun XxX



Hu'z dis ugli person? i wonder

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