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Funkie Logo'z!!
Funkie lil Logoz!
Funni lil pikz!
More Logoz!!!!
More Kute Ickle Pikz!
Mi Friends!
M$N N@M$!
Hata Quotez!
My Gorg M8z!!!!

Herez Abowt sum of mi luvli M8z!!!!

Jodie- shes luvli and we can always have a lauf 2getha! we used 2 be lyke really good friends and everythin we still are but not as close as we used 2 be, shes really nyce and shes allways ther wen ya need her! Luv yaz babe(bruv) hehe XxXxXxX

Katie- Shes my best m8 and she makez me lauf even when she be'z bitch from bitchville(as steph sed) hehe ya know i luv ya really hun! mi SFS m8 lolz! (oh mi dayz) oh n u she best not bitch about me 'ya ment 2 b mi best friend' hehe luv yaz hun  XxXxXxXxX

Saffron- Saffron'z really funny but she always puts herself down wen shes luvli n she shunt! we can always have a lauf 2geva! shes really loud n weird(in a nyce way).. lookz lyke me n her have alot n common lolz hehe luv yaz babez!  XxXxXxX *howz u n ryan den? he rang ya l8li? wen ya gettin married?* lolz

Laura - Shes annouther 1 of mi best m8z shes luvli! she makes me lauf and shes really nyce! duno wat id do widowt her hehe Luv yaz hun! XxXxXxX Get ova %$^&!!!! hehe

Steph - She'z jodiez best m8, shes luvli and funni, but beware wen shes in her bitchy mood lolz! well she neva bitchy 2 me, mostly saffron lolz hehe anywayz shes luvli Luv az babez!! oh wat was da txt agen? oh yei .... lolz! XxXxXxXxX

Rosie - shes really nyce and neva bitchy, i ent as clsoe 2 her as i am wid da otherz, but shes luvli! luv yaz hun XxXxXxX

-::-Strtt or tff, hk r t, M & My GrLz R ltmt Tʧ-::-

Rachel.E- Shes luvli ive known her 4 ages! shes obsessed wid da colour pink! hehe luv yaz hun XxX

Leah- ive known leah since yr 7 when she came to the skool, shes luvli, we sum tymes ave lila arguementz tho lolz luv yaz hun XxXx

Steph.G- shes luvli and make me lauf! ive known her since da begginin of yr 9 which ent dat long but it seems lyke ive known her 4 ages! luv yaz XxX

Megan.E- i also met megan at da begginin of yr 9 and it seems lyke ive known her 4 ages aswell seh luvli luv yaz hun XxX

Cerri - I met her at da begginin of yr 9 also and shes luvli and seems lyke ive known her 4 ages! luv yaz hun XxX

Lauren H- Shes luvli ive known her 4 quite awhile and were still quite gd friendz! she makes me lauf! luv yaz huni XxX

Lynsdy- Shes luvli ive known her since da begginin of yr 9 and shes luvli n were gd friends! luv yaz huni XxX memba da cinema lolz bit hyper eh? lolz we nerli fell ova! lolz

Kia- ive known her since da begginin of yr 9 and were really gd friendz she can be really nyce! luv yaz huni XxXx

:*:Frid lik cdm, thy protct u wh thig gt hrd:*:'

Becky B- Shes luvli! shes alwayz der 4 me and shes a lauf! luv yaz huni XxX

Chanelle- Shes luvli and really nyce she always cheers me up and shes always up 4 a lauf! luv yaz babez XxX

Leanne- Shes Luvli n make me lauf, shes gorg! luv yaz huni XxX

Becky G- Shes luvli! makez me lauf lykez jokin abowt,  and a really gd dancer and a big flirt hehe luv yaz babez XxX

Jess- Shes luvli we used 2 not lyke eachother b-cuz of dis boy lolz den we became really gd friendz! Luv az babez XxXx

Robyn- shes gorg shes funny and really nyce n friendly! luv yaz huni XxXx

Sam- ive know her 4 quite awhile! shes really ncye luv yaz huni XxX

Becki.W- i ent known her dat long but shes propa pretty n shes luvli! luv yaz huni XxXxXx

Ali- Hes ok sumtymez..but he can be real horrible aswell!

Burley- hes ok..but can be really annoyin and sumtymes i can really hate him!

Chris- Hes ok...hes probli da most decent 1 outa his 'cru' but he can b violent lolz and start hittin every1 lolz and he stresses sumtymes lolz but hes ok

Ryan- total twat

Ashly.p- he can be nyce sumtymes...but lyke all guyz he can b a twat aswell! hehe..nah hes luvli really!

Michael- hez in yr 10 and hes luvli hes really sweet n kind! more guyz shud b lyke him hehe! luv yaz babez XxX

jamez- datz kiaz ex...hes ok but cna b a twat lolz

Karl- hes a bit of a prik! lolz but he cna b ight!

Dan- he can b alryte...i supose lolz

Sam- lolz he shud learn 2 talk 2 his girlfriendz! lolz


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